Where to go Vintage Shopping in Milan

Where to go Vintage Shopping in Milan

Written By: Cristina Calciati

As everyone knows, Milan is one of the top fashion cities in the world.

But trust me, today, forget about big brands and well-known boutiques: whether you are a tourist or a real Milanese you cannot miss this amazing vintage shops.

Some of them are pretty famous and you can find them easily, but others are hidden in tiny picturesque streets (but fortunately somebody created Google Maps!).

Cavalli e Nastri

You can find this incredible shop in two fashionable parts of  Milan: via Brera 2 and via Gian Giacomo Mora 12.

Cavalli e Nastri is the heaven of vintage, and the interiors of the shops are so good that you’ll end up wishing you can stay there forever. The main part of the products are designer pieces and they’re like wearable works of art. You must see it.



Bivio has two shops as well, the first is the oldest one, while the second is newer and bigger: via Gian Giacomo Mora 4 and via Lambro 12.

The two shops are equally cool, but if you want to do some serious vintage shopping session, I suggest you visit the via Mora one, ‘cause is near the Duomo (so easy to reach) and is close to a lot of other unmissable shops.

The peculiarity of Bivio is that it is not a proper vintage shop, on the contrary, it’s a second-hand shop where you can buy and sell stuff. I really wanted to include it on my list because the prices are affordable (I promise, my wardrobe includes a ton of Bivio’s clothing) and you can find designer pieces there.

Lo Specchio di Alice

Lo Specchio di Alice is what I would call the typical Camden Town vintage shop. Its address is Corso di Porta Ticinese 64.

You can find literally anything there: sunglasses, jeans, biker jackets, hats, shoes (extremely punk shoes), dresses, shirts and so on! Lo Specchio di Alice offers a more grunge, hippy and punk style, it’s not like a fashionable granny’s wardrobe (unless you had a rebel granny, obviously).


Serendeepity is a vintage shop in Corso di Porta Ticinese 100, which sells vinyl and Cds along with clothing.

The style is a little bit more urban and street, and honestly you can find more Cds than clothing, but even though the collection is small, the pieces are subtly selected. And who doesn’t love good music, anyways?

My Room

My Room in via San Maurillo 24 is a tiny vintage shop run by a fashion stylist.

The place isn’t enormous but the selection of clothing is amazing: there are a lot of designer pieces and some unique accessories. The atmosphere is eye-catching and intimate. If you’re looking for a piece that matches your personality and style, you have to check My Room.

Tug Store

Tug store is less famous and is a little far from the city center, but I really like it. It’s located in via Muratori 6 and super close to the metro station Porta Romana.

Their IG account is on point, and you can get a lot of vintage inspo. The shop offers an interesting selection of clothing and accessories, whatever your style looks like, you’ll find something. Sometimes they have periods of sale: if you go there during those days, buy as many things as you can!

Humana Vintage

Humana Vintage is a second-hand shop, based in via Cappellari 3.

Humana is a charity organization, so if you shop there, you know that your money will be invested in something good. I always find some great stuff there. They also have a special rack with high-end clothes and a menswear section. It’s not an expensive shop but it’s full of treasures.

Lipstick Vintage

Lipstick Vintage is another temple of vintage fashion located in a famous area of Milan, corso Garibaldi 79.

When you enter the shop, you find yourself in a glamorous world. Sequins, prints, feathers, fringes, fur, leather… they have literally anything a fashion lover could desire. You may meet one of the many VIPs that often go there.

Sabrina Manin

Sabrina Manin is named after its owner and is located in via Cellini 21.

The shop looks like the living room of an old-fashioned lady and the layout is neat so that you can admire everything. The owner selects pieces with interesting shapes, materials, and colors, which can link our present to the past and to the future.

20134 Vintage

20134 Lambrate is in via Conte Rosso 22 and it’s impossible not to notice it.

The shop sells a lot of designer pieces and the owner is extremely nice. The interns are vintage as well. Vogue recently wrote about it, so it’s obvious that you should drop in.

Delphine Vintage

Delphine Vintage is a tiny shop in via Guglielmo Pepe 16, near the Porta Garibaldi station.

Visiting this place is a visual experience: you enter in a romantic word where every detail is finely selected. There you will find a refined vintage style, and if you are really into that you’ll love this shop.