Where To Go Vintage Shopping in London : Find items from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s!

Where To Go Vintage Shopping in London : Find items from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s!

Written By : Danielle O’Brien


Vintage fashion is something most of us adore, but tend to believe is out of our reach. We think it’s hard to find a petticoat or a pair of mary jane heels on London’s high street – but what if I told you that you were completely wrong? And you can actually shop any vintage period in the heart of London?!


Yep, that’s right – any decade, NOT just 90s throwback, is available right under our noses. Sometimes, it just takes some strong senses to sniff it out.


The 50’s:



The foundation of this look is a mixture of Marilyn Monroe glam with Audrey Hepburn innocence. The base of my outfit (the dress and petticoat underneath) is from prettykittyfashion.com, but the rest you can buy just about anywhere.


Cat eye sunglasses scream ‘50s chic driving in a roofless chevvy’. Although it may seem that all you can find is very thin framed, matrix style sunglasses on the high street, cat eye frames are a hidden gem that can easily be spotted. Brands such as Accessorize and Topshop stock this type of frame.


Silk scarves are also an overlooked accessory that can instantly elevate levels of vintage-ness in your look. Accessorize sells genuine silk scarfs all year round, so I recommend buying a few patterns and colours to match multiple outfits.


The shoes I’m wearing are also one of my favorites, they pretty much look identical to the pair that Dorothy wears in The Wizard of Oz! They are by a brand called Irregular Choice (if you don’t already follow the brand on Instagram, you totally should). The brand is stocked in Schuh, which is a store practically everywhere in London.


The 60s:



It’s Twiggy’s era. The era of skinny models, long legs, psychedelic prints, Woodstock and platform shoes. I stand by the fact that the 60s started the trend for extra short skirts and coloured boots that you can still buy today. My white ankle boots are from Kurt Geiger, a popular shoe store in London (one that you might want to save your pennies for, as it doesn’t all come cheap).


The items in the outfit look fairly modern when separate, but once put together they can take you to another decade.


The 70s:



The 70s wasn’t all about flared trousers and peace signs – some of the fashion from this era is still very popular today, especially when Coachella comes around. Stevie Nicks, from an old(er) band called Fleetwood Mac, Paved the way for the light, bohemian gypsy style. She was always seen with beach tasseled hair and feather light maxi skirts. This style is easily shoppable if other 70s trends aren’t to your taste (and let’s face it, there’s a reason we left some things in that decade).


H&M love skirts such as the one I’m wearing, and I’ve bought more than one similar to this style from the brand. To complete the look, a floppy hat and flared sleeved blouse can be found in Primark – because who honestly doesn’t love a style bargain?


Next time you want to try out a classy vintage feel, don’t get bummed down by the endless amounts of sequins and slogans in the shop windows – take a closer look, and you’ll be surprised by what you find!