Where to Go Clubbing as a Student in Paris

Where to Go Clubbing as a Student in Paris

Written By: Katie Chaplin

 Hey guys! We all know that there are so many places to go out in Paris, but where is the best place to go to meet other students? Some clubs are really hard to get into and generally it is easier to get into some on certain nights than others. For all you party people, here is where I think is the best for students and in the order of easiest entry to hardest.

Treplay Club

14 Rue de Lappe Bastille, Paris 75011

Treplay is a club in the middle of Rue de Lappe in Bastille. It has a fun and crazy vibe while still being cozy. The bouncers are quite nice if you are and if you get there around 11:30/12 it’s better because you can claim your space or a spot at a table with chairs if you wish. You can totally get 10 shots for 50 euros and they will even bring you sparklers! You can mostly wear anything you want to this club so if you don’t feel like wearing heels, you don’t have too!


Zig Zag

32 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris

If you want to throw on your adidas and dance all night long then you should go to Zig Zag. It’s right off the Champs Elysees and it is easy to get into because you normally just have to pay a cover fee. They usually have different events and people who perform there. If you go on their site you can check all of their upcoming events and concerts.



24 Rue de l’Arivee, 75015 Paris

Every Thursday, there is an international student night at Mix. It’s free entrance if you get there before midnight and has a very cool interior. The DJ set up is crazy and has a jumbo screen behind him.  Did I mention that this place has a slide? If you go on Saturdays it is free entrance for girls all night and until 1am on Saturdays. You just need to register on their facebook page. Click the link here.>>>



Le Duplex

2 Bis Avenue Foche, 75011 Paris

This club has a very strong student atmosphere and it has an event every night of the week. The line can get very long so try to get there by 12 or 12:30 even though it won’t get very rowdy until around 1:30 or 2! Girls enter for free anytime before 1am and sometimes guys too. On the weeknights this club is more casual but they can be a little more strict on the weekend so especially if you are a girl I would still dress up and wear heels.