Where to Eat & What to Do: 19th Arrondissement of Paris

Where to Eat & What to Do: 19th Arrondissement of Paris

Written By : Monique Lapointe


Hey lovelies! I have been living in Paris for well over a year now. It’s funny because I always tell everyone that every arrondissement is like it’s own separate town. Each is so different and unique. With that being said, we are introducing a new series to our website where we tell you what to do & where to go in all arrondissements! First off, the 19th….

Actually, the 19th arrondissement used to have kind of a bad “rep”. Within the last few years though, it has developed into a very artistic and international arrondissement. I love this area and have spent so much time here.

Where to eat :





Fun fact, Katie and I came up with the idea of starting ‘Moet & Manolos’ while we were sipping on mojitos at Belushi’s.

It is a chain of bars, but by far the best one is on the canal in the 19th. It is the perfect hangout for international students. It’s connected to a hostel where many Australian and Americans stay. I have met so many amazing and friendly people here. The really cool thing about Belushi’s is that during the day it is more of a cafe/restaurant. Many people come here to do some work and grab some delicious hot wings during the daytime. Theres a terrace which is directly on the Canal de l’Ourcq. At night, the bar really comes to life and is packed with people. Even though you are in Paris, you will feel like you’re in the dead center of the USA. They even have beer pong tables! On most Fridays & Saturday nights they open up a club downstairs.


Paname Brewing Company



Ever been inside of a brewery? While after going to Paname you can say you feel like you’ve been to one! This restaurant has a vibe unlike any other i’ve ever been to in Paris. The best feature about this place is the terrace where you can sit with friends and nibble on a delicious cheese platter while watching all the boats on the canal. Oh, and did I forget to mention that their food is to die for? Seriously, just thinking about their quesadilla’s and pizza is making my stomach grumble. This is also a great spot for big groups (they have many tables that fit up to 10 people) or for American student’s because most of the staff speaks English!


Le Pavillon Des Canaux



Do you ever just feel like you want to go to a cafe that is homier? Then you should head over to Le Pavillon Des Canaux because it is actually designed like a home! This darling cafe has multiple rooms where you can sit back, drink some coffee and do some work. They have an actual kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. Just imagine eating a croissant while sitting inside a bathtub. Aside from the interesting interior they also have an outdoor patio area where you can drink a delightful cup of tea while taking in some sun.





This is by far the best restaurant for Pho in all of Paris. I have tried Pho at many other places and they just do not compare. The menu is massive which means you are sure to love at least one thing you try. A little tip ; the portion sizing is much bigger than you’d expect so unless you’re truly starving I would recommend asking for the small bowl instead of the large.


Kaffee bar 19



I like to think of Kaffee Bar like my own little Starbucks in the 19th. It is actually a German owned cafe and I must say they make a mean coffee! Very strong! On a rainy day its the perfect place to go if you’re looking to do some work or read a book in a relaxed environment. Unlike Starbucks, it is way smaller and not as crowded. This cafe isn’t very big so I wouldn’t recommend going with more than one of two people.


Big Corner



This restaurant is perfect for any meat lovers out there because even after you leave, you are still going to be craving another one of their savoury burgers. They are just that good!


Cafe Odilon



Fun fact, an old teacher of mine and his family owns this cafe!

So yes, you may say I’m just adding this on the list because i’m a suck up, but it is actually one of the best cafes in the 19th! It is a great spot to grab lunch with the girls. The interior is so bright with adorable hanging lights and floral wallpaper. I would recommend trying the pizzas, they are too good not to try.


What to do :


Picnic on the Canal



This is more of a summertime activity but the perfect dinner in July is sitting on the canal with friends and having a picnic! From May to October you will see tons of Parisians laying down blankets, sipping back Merlot, stuffing baguette and cheese in their mouths all while smoking a cigarette along the canal. It’s a great way to catch up with friends and enjoy the beautiful sunset.


View the Street Art



All over the 19th there is beautiful street art. It seems to be constantly changing too. Some are painted portraits, scenery shots or word graffiti art with strong messages. Rue de l’Ourcq even has a giant mural that you must check out!


Rent a Boat on the Canal



Although I didn’t have the opportunity to do this last summer, I am making it a priority this year. On the Canal de l’Ourcq, you can actually rent your own personal boats. They have two different sized boats which fit either up to 6 or 8 people. You can play captain for the day while you cruise around the canal.

Walk Around or Workout in Buttes Chaumont Park



We have our own mini Central Park and it’s Buttes Chaumont! Incase you haven’t noticed, Paris is all small buildings, canals, and cafes. So if your missing some greenery head over to this beautiful park. They have a lookout point which has an incredible view over Paris. It’s a great place to bring your kids to play some soccer or do some yoga on the grass.



Every summer the 19th is filled with activities for families and couples. The best one is most likely zip lining across the canal. If you are looking for a little adrenaline in your life you must try it.


Swimming in a Pool….on a Canal

This past summer they opened a pool…on the canal. Technically theres no specific research saying that the canal is unsafe to swim in but if you don’t want to risk it I would just recommend swimming in the pool!


Go for a Run at Parc de la Villette



Sometimes I like to workout outside instead of inside a crowded gym. When I do workout outside, I always go running at Parc de la Villette. This park is massive and there is still so much of it I have yet to discover. It’s the perfect spot for a morning run!


Go to the Movie Theatres

Theres a few different movie theatres in this arrondissement, but my favourite has to be Ugc Ciné Cité Paris 19. This theatre reminds me exactly of the kind of theatres in America. Smells like popcorn and has reclining chairs. If you’re an english speaking native this theatre is perfect for you because they have all the movies playing in French and English. Plus, they always have the newest releases.


Now that I’ve told you where to drink, eat and where to go in the 19th its your chance to go check out this artistic and international arrondissement!