Where to Eat on a Budget in London

Where to Eat on a Budget in London

Written By : Jourdan Mills


Hello Darlings!

It’s no secret that London is massively expensive. However, it is not impossible to live here on a budget and you don’t need to sacrifice eating delicious food either! Here is a list of a few of my favorite places to eat on a budget in London.




Closest tube stops:

Camden = Camden Town

Portobello Road = Notting Hill Gate

Brick Lane = Aldgate East

There is always a market open in London. My favorites are Camden, Portobello Road, and Brick Lane although there are so many more. Each one has it’s own vibe and uniqueness. The great thing about markets are that there are SO many different types of food. Everything from Indian, Mexican, Columbian, and typical American, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. The best part? Almost everything will be under £9. Take my advice and be sure to go on an empty stomach. The food is not only cheap, but filling as well.


Wok to Walk



15 Argyll Street, Soho, London, W1F 7TP (multiple locations across London)

If you love the aesthetic of eating out of a Chinese take away, you will love Wok To Walk. It’s common to see busy Londoners walking around with a bright orange take away. The process is simple: 1) Choose your base (a variety of noodles, rice, or vegetables), 2) Choose your toppings (as many as you want, although I recommend no more than 4 as it’s super filling), and 3) Choose your sauce. There are so many different combinations and you can watch them prepare your food in the giant woks through the glass. An average take away will cost you around £9 and fill you up for a few hours. If you’re on a night out, this place is open until 5am so party on then grab a bite!


Hummus Bros. 



88 Wardour St, Soho, London, W1F 0TH

Before moving to London, I never had Middle Eastern food. I went to Hummus Bros after a gym class with a friend and it instantly became one of my favorite places. Not only is it filling, it is also healthy so I don’t feel guilty stuffing my face after the gym. They have a nice variety of bowls, wraps, and salads along with a variety of drinks (alcoholic, soft, and hot). The most important part, nothing is priced over £8. If you choose to add any extras, you will probably pay only £10.





You can’t come to London without popping into a pub. Pub food is definitely an all time favorite. You can’t really go wrong with the ones in London. I would recommend going outside of central London as the pubs are normally less crowded with budget friendly prices. A friend and I got a full English breakfast at this pub in Camden for under £4. Next time you’re here, be sure to pop in for a pint and have a chat with the locals while enjoying some fish and chips.


Those are a few of my favorite places to eat on a budget in London. I definitely find myself at the markets a lot as I like to try all the different types of food. The vendors are always changing! London may be expensive, but you don’t always have to sacrifice your wallet to get amazing quality food.

Cheers! xx


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