What Was Trending On The Streets This Paris Fashion Week

What Was Trending On The Streets This Paris Fashion Week

Written By: Monique Lapointe

Hey lovelies! After trend hunting and running around with a camera for seven days straight, I am going to show you what was trending on the streets this Paris Fashion Week.

French Beret’s :



I should have never gotten rid of the Beret’s I used to wear in the second grade because  they are now back in style! Everywhere I looked it Paris it seemed like someone was wearing one.


Sexy Sheer :



Wearing anything sheer is always such a bold move. It is also a great way to show off some skin and be sexy yet still so sophisticated.


Playful Prints :



I was very surprised to see so many people wearing such daring prints! Minimalistic seems to be done with. It is now time to pull out those crazy floral and polka dot shirts you’ve been hiding in your closet for years now.

Industrial Belts :



The Off White belt is all the rage this year. Industrial belts are such a good way to add an edginess to any look.

Fuzzy Fur :



With the colder months approaching, we saw so many people wearing Fur! From vests and scarves, to jackets and shirts.