What Was Trending on the Streets this Fashion Week

What Was Trending on the Streets this Fashion Week

Written By: Monique Lapointe

Hey lovelies! Every fashion week theres new trends we see not only on the runway but also on our favourite bloggers and socialites attending the shows. Below I have listed some of the biggest trends we saw on the streets this past Paris mens fashion week!

1) Fanny Packs

Lately we’ve been throwing in back to 1999 with the trend of fanny packs. Of course, we’ve thrown our own 2017 twist on it by wearing them different ways such as a purse or a cross body bag.


2) Clear or Yellow Sunglasses

Black or dark sunglasses all officially out of style! It’s all about those clear or yellow sunglasses now.


3) Camo

Camo is always coming in and out of style. But this season it’s definitely in! We’ve seen a trend of oversized camo pants tucked into boots or camo shirt dresses!


4) Denim

Feeling the Balenciaga vibes, almost everywhere we turned people were wearing off the shoulder oversized denim jackets.