What Towns to See Along the Rhine River, Germany

What Towns to See Along the Rhine River, Germany

Written By: Katie Chaplin

Hey everyone! I am sure you know things about Berlin and Munich, Germany but there are some hidden treasures along the Rhine river that a lot of people miss out on. If you are wanting to discover some quaint towns the best way to see them is to take a river cruise through the Rhine river. These are my recommendations for the ones most worth your while.

Mainz, Germany

Let’s talk about Mainz, Germany. With its many churches with Chagall windows and pink colored brick, you could spend a whole 24 hours exploring. The best thing I can suggest is getting a map of the town and go around to all of the churches.

Mainz Cathedral is located in the historic city centre. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral that was built over 1000 years ago.

Sankt Peter was originally created as a church monastery but today is a parish church. Its original structure was destroyed by the Swedish attacks in 1631 and wasn’t reconstructed until 1749.

Sankt Christoph is a chapel that was built in the 9th century. Today there is a display of the construction of the church and historical information on the old parish and its ministers. This historic church stood for over 1000 years.

Augustinerkirche has a baroque style church building with a Rococo styled interior. It has breathtaking altars and ceiling paintings as well as a baroque pipe organ. Luckily this church was not affected by World War II and stands perfectly intact to this day.

Here you will find the Gutenberg museum. It is the oldest printing museum. This museum is in tribute to Johannes Gutenberg also known as “Man of the Millenium.” He was the man who brought the printing press to Europe. You will find book production from the middle ages, Gutenburgs work including the Gutenberg-Bibles and the “Fragment of the Last Judgement.”



Bacharach, Germany

Now it’s time to get onto the river and make your next stops in Bacharach Germany. While in Bacharach you can see all its wonders from hiking to Lorelei rock, through the vineyards, castle ruins and medieval castles that are still standing today.

Lorelei is a steep slate rock that is 132 m high on the bank of the Rhine river, you can see it on your river cruise but if you want to get up close and personal you can hike it. There’s even a concert venue at the top.

There are many mythical and folklore tales about this rock. One being the captivating woman Lore Lay. It is said that she bewitched men and would cause their deaths after being betrayed by her love. They say that she hiked to the top of Lorelei rock and fell to her death because she thought she saw her love in the river…

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle was built in the 14th century on a tiny island in the middle of the Rhine.

There’s a beautiful trail through a vineyard where you will reach a wooden tower called Postenturm and get an amazing view of the town and the river.

If you are looking for something to eat in this town you should check out the restaurant Posthof. It has a charming courtyard seating area with excellent local wines and food.




Sankt Goar, Germany

Next stop, Sankt Goar, Germany. Here you can’t miss the Rheinfels castle towering over the village. You are able to get a guided tour through the ruins and afterwards, you are free to explore around through the tunnels and different rooms in the castle. There’s also an outstanding view at the top of the enchanting town.

Another thing that Sankt Goar is known for is that they have the largest cuckoo clock and beer stein. If you are looking for the perfect gift to bring back home with you or maybe even a family heirloom to pass down through generations you should stop by Stefan’s Wine Paradise. Normally people think of Germany as a place for German beer and their Oktoberfest celebrations but here you will find the best local wine and brandy tastings made by Stefan himself.


I hope you make it over to these charming towns along the Rhine River and enjoy its many hidden gems!