What to Wear to The Club in Paris

What to Wear to The Club in Paris

Written By: Katie Chaplin

It’s 11:39 you are scrambling to get ready and have just finished putting on your makeup. You go to your closet or maybe your suitcase and are rummaging through all of your clothes with no clue on what you should wear to certain clubs. Should I be more dressed up, more street style or even just Parisian casual? I think each club has a different kind of style so some outfits are better than others. It really all depends on where you are going and even sometimes what kind of event is going on that night

I think that you should have three go-to looks. You should have a look that is fancier but still fashionable. Perhaps a sparkly dress with some knee high boots. Throw a nice jacket over it and voila. You are all dressed up and ready to go. These clubs in Paris I would recommend this kind of look for…

  • L’arc
  • VIP Room
  • L’heritage
  • Chez Papillon
  • Maison Blanche

The second look you could pair a tight leather skirt with an off the shoulder top. I am a personal believer in the free the nipple movement. So why not go braless? Adds a sexy but sophisticated look to your outfit. I have even paired it with a vintage denim jacket and I would call this my more street style look. I would wear this to…

  • Jangal
  • Hobo
  • Cartel
  • Titty Twister
  • Palais Maillot

What’s the third look without some jeans? You can never go wrong with a slinky tank. I think sometimes the more simple you look the better. Too look effortless but refined. You, of course, took a lot of time to get ready but no one needs to know how much time 😉

  • Titty Twister
  • Le Pompon
  • Les Bain

You can always change it up of course but hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what to wear when you go out in Paris!