Where to Eat, Stay, Shop & What to See in Annecy, France

Where to Eat, Stay, Shop & What to See in Annecy, France

Written By: Katie Chaplin

Hello everyone! Have you ever been to Annecy? Or even know where Annecy is? I have just discovered it, as such an amazing and magical place. Annecy is located next to the Rhone Alps in France and has the beautiful Lake Annecy.  It has such a great culture there that is very laid back and friendly. I was able to explore the town with my mom while she visited me here in France! We tried almost everything we could for you guys to give you the best places to eat, stay, shop, and see in Annecy!

First things first, where should you stay? The best location I found, was in the Old Town of Annecy. You are a five minute walking distance to the canal, restaurants, shops, and about a ten minute walk to the Lake. No matter where you stay, be prepared to do a lot of walking! That is the fun part though, being able to walk everywhere and explore new things along the way. Here a few locations you could stay.

  • Campanile– Simple but clean and newly renovated.
  • Hotel du Chateau– If you want to stay somewhere very quaint and French.
  • Les Loges Annecy Vielle Ville– Beautiful apartments in the heart of Annecy with everything you need.
  • Imperial Palace– One of the nicest hotels in Annecy with a perfect view of the lake and sits right next to the French Alps.




After getting settled into your place I am sure you will be looking for something to eat. My mom and I found that every place we tried was so delicious, so here are all the places I would recommend.

  • Cafe des Arts – Small artsy cafe with a bar situated in a cute corner of the town and it has art hanging all around inside and even on the walls on the outside.
  • La Bolée – Best Breton pancakes (a must try in Annecy) and cappuccinos! 
  • Le Boulanger du Faubourg – Best boulangerie with warm fresh bread!
  • French Coffee shop – Perfect place to get a coffee before starting your day.
  • Au Fidèle Berger – Tearoom near all the shopping in Annecy, so it’s the perfect place to drop by after all the shopping!
  • O’Savoyard and Le Bastringue – These two are perfect places if you want a late dinner and a great ambiance.
  • Glacier des Alpes – Best ice cream!! They give the biggest scoops too.


There is a market almost every day, all down the street in Old Town that has all the fresh food your heart could desire in France. All the fruits and vegetables look so perfectly ripe and delicious and you can even find handmade jams and other treats, and of course charcuterie and cheeses!



While shopping in Annecy there are surprisingly a lot of places to go! They have a shopping center called the Centre Commercial Courier and the cutest boutiques and you can just walk around from street to street and find new ones with different kinds of stores and collections. They even have a Galeries Lafayette and stores such as Zara and H&M. 

The best way to get around this charming city is to rent a bike or walk. There’s honestly barely any need to get an uber or hop on a bus. Bring your walking shoes! If you don’t feel like walking everywhere then you can rent a bike. It’s so fun to ride the bike along the lake too!


If you want to go out on the lake, you have many options. These are the ones that I found:

The water is really clean and clear so you don’t have to be scared of not seeing the bottom! My personal favorite was taking out the paddleboat. You’re able to get a different view from the middle of the lake and it’s the perfect place to tan.




In such a small looking town you would think that there would not be a lot to do but we seemed to run out of time on a three day weekend getaway there! Here are some sights that I think are worth seeing before you leave.

  • Chateau D’Annecy– There is a beautiful view of the lake from inside as well as a museum of modern art.
  • Palais de I’lle– An old prison that has become a historical monument (Unfortunately was under construction while I was visiting)
  • L’ancien Hotel de Ville- This is a small building but it is placed in a cute square with a fountain and next to a beautiful church.
  • Notre Dame de Liesse– Beautiful church that still has its original bell tower from the 16th century!




While exploring this town you will feel like you are living in a French fairy tale. This is one of my favorite places I have visited so far and I only want to go back and discover it all over again!


Photo Creds: Momma Chaplin