What to Bring in Your “Clubbing” Clutch

What to Bring in Your “Clubbing” Clutch

Written By: Monique Lapointe

Hi lovelies! After living in Paris for over four months now and going out almost every weekend, I’ve kind of mastered knowing what I’ll need when I go out and what can just be extra weight in my clutch. So, here are my top 7 “must haves” for when you go out clubbing!

  1. An ID (passport, drivers license, medical card, etc.)

Ladies, no matter if you are eighteen or twenty-eight years old, I urge you to bring a valid ID when you go out clubbing! Eight out of ten times I have been carded. I have witnessed my older friends who clearly look above age be carded multiple times too. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Imagine spending an hour getting ready, going out and getting rejected from a club because you forgot your ID? Worst-case scenario, if you don’t feel comfortable bringing an ID in fear of losing it, you can try taking a photo of your ID on your phone and showing it to the bouncers if they ask. Most of the time the bouncer will let you in with a photo of your ID.

  1. At least (BUT NO MORE) than one debit/credit card or 20-40 euros.

Through personal experiences, I have learned that you shouldn’t bring multiple credit/debit cards or more than 40 euros out clubbing. Clubs are hectic and crowded. You could accidently drop and loose your clutch, or get robbed. With bringing the minimal money needed, you are mentally stopping yourself from spending hundreds of dollars on bottles or drinks because realistically you don’t have that much on you. Also, if you do happen to loose your clutch, you won’t be losing all your credit/debit cards.

  1. Cell phone

I think this one is self-explanatory.

  1. Your keys

You don’t want to be locked out, drunk at 5 A.M sitting on your floor outside your apartment hoping that your cat finds a magical way to unlock the door for you because you forgot your keys.

  1. A lip product

From the alcohol, non-stop talking and singing your lungs out, you are likely to get chapped lips or flaky lipstick throughout the night. Be smart and bring a lip product.

  1. Feminine Product

Yes, I am talking about bringing an extra tampon or pad ladies, even if it’s not your “time of the month”. You never know when Mother Nature will decide to creep up on you. If it does happen, don’t let it ruin your night and just be prepared. Also, you could be helping out a fellow girlfriend if she’s caught in an emergency.

  1. (FOR MY EUROPEAN GIRLS) Cigarettes OR a Lighter

C’mon, we all know that almost everyone in Europe smokes. It’s sad but true. You are bound to be spending half of your night in the smoking room even if you don’t smoke. Trust me on this. I am not promoting smoking here, but if you do smoke, you can’t forget your cigarettes. Even if you aren’t a smoker, it’s a good idea to bring a lighter. I cannot name you the number of times I have had gorgeous men come up to me asking if I have “a light”. Well, I learned my lesson. Why not carry around a small tube filled with butane in hopes of starting a conversation with another good looking human?