Trends Alert : What We Are Expected To See This Milan S/S 2018

Trends Alert : What We Are Expected To See This Milan S/S 2018

Written By: Cristina Calciati

Hello! In a few weeks, it will be Milan Fashion Week.

Every season we see different trends on the runway. With that being said, what trends will we see this year? I did a research on different trend-watcher sites (credits go especially to and I listed some of the main trends for this S/S 2018. Keep reading to see some examples of what to expect this upcoming Milan Fashion Week.


The world is changing fast and there is a utopian idea for the future. It’s time for a big return to nature. Modern landscapes will mix with idyllic and exotic wonders, and we will see this concept dominating on the runways. Botanical and tropical prints, floral appliques, textured fabrics and vibrant colors. Patterns are often inspired by vintage “trippy” psychedelic prints, oriental costumes, and fantasy drawings. The key points of this new stunning trend are linked with eco-sustainability and respect of nature. Brands and consumers are more concerned about recycled and eco-friendly materials. Day-to-night versatility is a must now, after seasonless and genderless: dramatic clothing will be a thing next summer since they are fashionable all day long.

Youth Tonic

This concept starts with a statement: youth has no age. Today we live longer and our age is not a number, but a state of mind. This new trend appeals to anybody regardless of their generation. Originality, individuality, rebellion and freedom are the keywords of this movement. Designers and customers will try to eliminate borders and division regarding gender and age. Discovering and experiencing new things becomes more and more important, in this sense creative liberty is an indispensable value. The main stylistic references look back to skater culture, punk movement, sportswear, 90’s club style and underground vibes. What about the new influencer? Some say that art crowd will inspire the fashion world.


Kinship is a trend that reflects our future society. We want to be more and more connected to other people and we will discover the deep importance of cultures and communities (both real and virtual). Human beings are looking for new relationships and exciting adventures around the globe. Multi-racial, globalization and traveling will be hot topics. This spring/summer many pieces will show evident cross-cultural references. Designers may present collections inspired by trends from the past: mariner style, boho, romanticism, different folkloristic styles… So we will all become a world traveler as well as time traveler.

Slow Future

Slow future is a ‘subversive’ trend in my opinion because it goes against our regular lifestyle. Today, as underlined in the other points as well, our pace is frenetic, the world goes fast and we have no time to relax. Some experts say that boredom increases creativity, so we really need to slow down. Slow future trend preaches slowness and calm. We will develop a new concept of space (literally, important things need more space in our life) and time. Designers and creatives of all kinds will look back to the past to build a better future. How does this theory influence fashion? As you may imagine, people will buy less and each good will be higher quality and will last longer. Wasting should be avoided. The architecture will have a great influence on fashion, too. This summer you’ll see a new kind of ‘basic’: there is a luxurious take even on the simplest of clothing.