Trends Alert : What We Are Expected To See This Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Trends Alert : What We Are Expected To See This Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Written By : Cristina Calciati


Remeber the last post I wrote about upcoming trends? Today we’re talking about what will possibly happen during next men’s fashion week here in Milan.

I’m not a trend forecaster, and this post is based on various trend watching sites that do research about that.

If you’re interested in the latest fashion news and you’re curious to find out how future trends will look, just keep on reading!

Citizen of the world



Globalization has been a huge phenomenon in the last years, but today, thanks to the social networks like Instagram, we are even more connected and some of us may feel a citizen of the whole world. This can cause the birth of a trend based on a global and more open-minded aesthetic, that mixes various cultural references staying true to local origins as well. The main visual and stylistic references are hip-hop, urban dressing, workwear and streetwear. People will love the idea to be part of a global fashion tribe rather than a little subculture, and they may take inspiration from folkloristic dressing and patterns.





This future winter trend has as key elements a more modern dark style, sportswear and a luxurious feel. The streetwear gets more sophisticated and futuristic. Shiny fabrics and metallic finishes will be super in, while the sporty style co-exists with tailored outfits, all in dark and moody colours. Opulent details and fetish accessories may be present as well.





Since we are reevaluating more and more the vital importance of nature, a trend that has a strong conscious value may develop. Traditional and artisanal know-how become central and luxurious items tends to a raw look. Clothing will be designed for real life, and so it may look more basic and pragmatic, with an adventurous feel. Sustainable, rough and natural materials will be the most wanted, and patterns such as check and tartan will dominate.