The Best Secret Bars in Paris!

The Best Secret Bars in Paris!

Written By: Monique Lapointe

Hello Lovelies! Paris is known as one of the most tourist cities in the world. Although I love the Eiffel Tower, Cafe du Flore and Montmatre sometimes I just want to get away from those tourist attractions and go somewhere a little more reserved and quiet. I am here to share with you all some of my favourite unknown spots in Paris. But remember, it’s a secret so don’t go telling everyone 😉

  1. Little Red Door

I’ve had my fair share of cocktails in Paris, but none of them compare to the ones at the Little Red Door.
Located in the Marais, is a small red door with a striped black and white wall. Upon entering, you find yourself inside this friendly, bohemian style bar inspired by the American bars of Prohibition. What makes this place unique is the drinks. They have hired some of the best mixologist from across Europe to give you the most alluring drinks possible. The menu is alike any other. Alongside of the regular menu, you have the choice to be given a book full of pictures. Each picture represents a drink. You can also describe what mood you are feeling to the bartender and he will give you a drink depending on your mood. Better not show up sad because who know’s how much alcohol you’ll end up consuming. 😉


2) The Mooshiner

Storytime : I went to the Mooshiner on a date, and I thought the man was trying to kill me as he was bringing me inside a closed pizzeria through a metal door with meat hanging from the walls. Turns out I was in for a huge surprise.

The Mooshiner is behind of a pizzeria. To enter you must go through the walk-in fridge. Upon entering, you feel as if you have time traveled back into the 1920’s. With retro jazz playing on the gramophone, dimmed lighting, vintage drinks and a strongbox in the elegant, glamorous smoking room, this is the perfect place to grab a drink with a close friend or loved one.


3) Lavomatic

I cannot stand sitting at a laundry mat waiting for my clothes to finish washing. The best thing about Lavomatic is that while waiting for my laundry, I can also grab a beer at the upstairs bar! Unlike most laundry mats, behind one of Lavomatic’s washing machines is a door that leads to an upstairs bar. This bar is almost all english speakers and the workers are very friendly! Although, I would recommend going between 6PM-8PM because or else it get’s very crowded and space is very limited.


4) Mezcaleria

Inspired once again by the 1920’s American prohibition, the Mezcaleria is a bar inside of the 1K Paris hotel. To enter, you must walk through the hotel’s kitchen. This bar completely embraces South American and Mexican culture.  This bar is named after a drink called “Mezcal”, which is an alcoholic beverage straight from the dry desert areas of Mexico. Once you find the entrance door, you are greeted by an intimidating Lucha Libre wrestler wearing his legendary mask. To enter immediately you must say this one sentence in Spanish. “Para todo Mal Mezcal, Para todo bien tambien”!


5) Le Ballroom

This secret bar definitely lives up to the elegance of it’s name. To enter Le Ballroom, you have to face the descent of a long, metallic staircase and go through a dark and deep corridor. Once at the bottom, you will find this beautiful, vintage bar with big chairs and glamorous drinks. This bar is also the place to be during fashion week! Below I have attached an invitation of an event at Le Ballroom during Men’s Fashion Week at the end of June.


We hope that you will all visit these mysterious, elegant, secret bars and really take in there ambiance!