The Best Elite Restaurants in Paris

The Best Elite Restaurants in Paris

Written By: Katie Chaplin

Hey everyone! There are five very elite restaurants in Paris I would like to share with all of you. I am going to give you the run down on which ones you can’t miss out on. They all have a different kind of style,  food and different ambiances so you have some to pick from depending on your mood or what you are craving!


If you are looking for a Michelin starred restaurant with traditional French style food than Benoit is a must try. If you think you don’t like french food, you are wrong! Don’t be afraid to dig into some escargot after they serve you their cheese biscuits! They are great at recommending what wine to pair with your meal. The dining experience alone is in a cozy and friendly atmosphere and it’s the perfect place for a date or even a family dinner.


114 Faubourg

This restaurant is a gem that is located inside Le Bristol Hotel on the famous Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. With a beautiful trendy interior and amazing service, this restaurant offers the best of the best. Trust the chef and go with chef’s choice, you couldn’t go wrong.


Manko is a very classy chic restaurant on the beautiful Avenue Montaigne. It’s perfect if you are wanting to try something new with its Peruvian dishes that have unique fish and delicious cocktails. I suggest choosing the Para Picar menu and then you will be able to try a little bit of everything. Manko is named after the Sun of God, Inca Manco Capac who was the founder of the Inca people. With such a legendary man comes a legendary restaurant.


Miss Ko

Sometimes it can be hard to find a great sushi restaurant in Paris but not to worry, it does exist! Located off of Avenue George V, Miss Ko has incredible creations of sushi rolls, fantastic bo bun, miniature collections of fish dishes. The restaurant is a temple of art for Miss Ko with a concept to tell her story of science fiction. Her restaurant is known for food, art, and curiosities.

Le Victoria

This restaurant is associated with the favorite club L’arc so there’s no surprise that this one makes it to the list. It has a very chic interior with romantic lighting, velvet upholstered chairs and a DJ playing throughout the night. The food is spectacular and the waiters are so knowledgeable about the menu and what wines to pair with your meal. The music is very loud and fun so it is a great place to start your night before crossing over into the club.