Pantone of the Year and How to Style It

Pantone of the Year and How to Style It

Written By: Cristina Calciati

Hello everyone!

As you may already know a special colour has been crowned ‘Pantone of the year’ and it is called UltraViolet.

It is a stunning shade, but probably a little tricky to be included in your looks. I personally love colours and I decided to share with you some outfit ideas totally dedicated to UltraViolet. I hope they inspire you to try out new combinations and experiment a little bit.

Obviously, we don’t have to stick to the exact colour shade (which official code is 18-3838). We can play with some similar nuances or any purple tone we like! Pairing different colours and patterns always amazing, but if some of you are too shy about that, pair violet with neutrals instead (tans, black, white and greys).

Another nice option to include this trend in your daily look without being too extra is wearing some purple-coloured make-up products! Mascaras, lipsticks and nail polishes add a touch of colour.

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