Our Experience : Paris Women’s Spring / Summer 2018 Fashion Week

Our Experience : Paris Women’s Spring / Summer 2018 Fashion Week

Hey guys! As we are wrapping up another PFW, we wanted to recap on the events we attended this past week. We were so fortunate to go to some amazing shows and parties. We want to thank all the designers and press for inviting us.

Day 1:

Truthfully, day one consisted of mentally and physically preparing for the week ahead. By this we mean that we just stayed in bed all day and ordered take out.


Day 2:

Waking up we both realised that we had no outfits prepared! So we headed on over to Avenue Montaigne & Rue de Rivoli to shop till we dropped. Seriously, we could barely walk home.

That night we went to ‘Le Carmen’ for the “Unfazed by CHMPGN x Jenneskens x 99Ginger” party. Even though the event seemed very cool, the music wasn’t exactly our style so we hopped in an uber and went to our favourite club ; Le Hobo. After spending a few hours at Hobo we decided to move the party to the next club ; Titty Twister. There was no specific fashion event going on at Titty Twister but we had so much fun anyways because we ran into so many old friends!


Day 3:

This day was officially the start of PFW for us because we went to our first show of the week ; J By Jordy. The collection was very abstract and three dimensional, All the looks had a lot of draping and layering. The main colours were white, lavender, light yellow, sky blue and periwinkle. All the looks made us feel like we were in a princess fairy forest.



After the show, the designer held a cocktail party with delicious appetisers and champagne. We were able to talk to Jordy herself. She explained to us that her initial inspiration was architecture because she herself is actually an architect.

We then headed on over to the Eiffel tower to take some photos and watch the light show.


Day 4 :

This day started off a little rocky but luckily with the help of some white wine and good company, it took a turn for the best. Once arriving at our second show, Lutz Huelle, we saw that the line to get in was enormous. Even though we arrived exactly on time and waited in line, they decided to close the doors and start the show. With tickets in hand, we were very upset to not be let in. Not only did we not get in, but neither did about forty others. We understand that sometimes designers send out too many invites and do not expect such a big turnout. It was still very disappointing and such an annoyance that we came all that way, waited outside for at least thirty minutes, just to be turned away.

Luckily our friend Veronica invited us to Hotel Costes for a drink. If you know anything about Paris Fashion Week you know that Costes is the place to be. We actually ran into some Victoria Secret models are well as Negin Mirsalehi & her boyfriend, Maurits Stibbe. We rarely fan girl over anyone but we seriously had to walk outside afterwards to contain our excitement.

Later on in the night we went to the club “Le Rouge” to support our friend @Tonygoodguy for his DJ set. In complete shock, Naomi Campbell showed up! Supposably according to our “sources” she was at a very posh party and told her security guard “Take me to a real f****** hip hop club!”. We have seem so many celebrities at clubs but Naomi seemed to be very down to earth and just like one of us ; trying to have a good night with her friends and screaming every lyric of Cardi B’s song “Bodak Yellow”.


Day 5 & 6:

We took the weekend to relax and catch up on some magazine work.


Day 7:

After missing out on this show last season, I (Monique) attended the Valentin Yudashkin Show. I must say, Katie was so right about this designer! This show made me fall in love with fashion all over again. The collection started off with very casual pieces. Nothing too tight but still well fitted. There was this adorable, simplistic backpack along with a giant sun hat that I was obsessed with. Halfway through the collection the looks started to feel more French Rivera with more beachy pieces. The main colours were yellow, green, red and beige. Valentin really knows how to design clothes to make a women’s body look incredible.



After the show myself and some friends grabbed a quick bite at L’Avenue before heading on over to the Sil Uison presentation. The designer, Silva is actually from Brazil. Her collection was very detailed and involved many bright colours. She explained to me afterwards that most of her inspiration comes from Paraiba, Brazil.




Day 8:

On the last day of PFW, we went to our final show ; Moonyounghee. This collection involved a lot of minimalistic garments. The designs were very oversized with a lot of draping or ruffles. The collection reminded us a lot of the working class in New York City except with an edgier vibe. All the models were wearing these beautiful slip on moccasins with white pearls. The main colours were navy, black, grey and white.



For our last occasion of PFW we rushed to the Louis Vuitton show to take street style photos as people exited (article coming soon). We got to photograph some incredible looks as well as meet one of our fashion icons, Aimee Song.

This fashion week was definitely another one for the books. It is now time to rest up and prepare for the next. But, this time, you will catch us in New York City 😉


Editor’s-in-chief, Katie Chaplin & Monique Lapointe