Our Experience : Paris Fashion Week 2017

Our Experience : Paris Fashion Week 2017

Written By: Katie Chaplin & Monique Lapointe

Hey everyone! We hope you are all rested up after the month of crazy fashion weeks. We for sure know that we are going to need a lot of rest to recoup from Paris fashion week. This week has been like unlike any other for both of us. The feeling and ambiance during fashion week is such a wonderful experience and we certainly took advantage of this week to attend some beautiful shows, unforgettable after parties and meet new contacts

The first day of PFW started off at the hospital. Katie had an allergic reaction so we had to take care of that before all the craziness began. Soon after we had to rush to get ready for the two shows we had planned that day. Although the shows were very entertaining, PFW didn’t officially start for us until we attended the Jean Paul Gaultier “I love Gaultier” party to launch their new fragrance. Not only was the venue in the beautiful Palais de Tokyo with an outside balcony view of the Eiffel Tower, but the theme behind the party was so creative. The theme was Superman and Wonderwomen. With bartenders dressed up as Clark Kent, drinks named after the Superman movie and waitresses dressed up as wonder women, they truly made us feel like we jumped into a comic book. After that, we attended the  Weeknd’s after party at a club called L’Arc. We had a table with some friends filled with Moet champagne. Listening to the Weeknd and drinking Moet? That’s our perfect kind of night.

For day two we attended the FFiXXed studio’s presentation. This was our favorite presentation because the designs were so unique and innovative. For example, one of the designs was a transformable jacket. Zipped up it could be worn as a short blazer but zipped down it was turned into a trench coat.  Later that night we found ourselves back at L’Arc for Tyga’s after party sponsored by Up & Down. Taking pictures against the famous L’Arc wall, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora and Hailey Baldwin walked directly passed us. The rest of the night was spent dancing our *pardon our french* asses off to Tyga’s live performance.

Day three we attended a few different shows but by far the Pascal Millet show was our favorite. Walking up to the Grand Palais to attend such an exclusive show, we felt so in our element. Not only was the venue beautiful with a live pianist and dark blue lighting, but so were the designs. The idea behind this collection was to incorporate a more edgy grunge style with a couture, chic look. For example, many of the gowns were worn with curly hair and a sparkly beanie.

The typical “Pascal look” is a woman who is confident, lives in Paris, goes daily to her local cafe for a cup of coffee and likes to dress not only sophisticated and elegant but also sexy and desirable. We both felt so grateful to be invited to this show because we both like to think of ourselves as the typical “Pascal Women”. Later that night we ended up at a club called Le Pompon. We really enjoyed this club because it felt very selective and everyone there worked in fashion. It was so interesting to meet new people from all over the world who have the passions as you.

Day four Monique started her internship in a showroom for Diane Von Furstenburg. The internship lasted a week and it has definitely opened her eyes and gave her a whole new perspective on how the world of buying and selling works. That night we went back to Le Pompon for another night of partying and meeting new people.

Saturday and Sunday consisted of Monique working for her internship and Katie working on the blog. Although we didn’t go out on Sunday night, on Saturday Monique and some friends went to a club called Silencio. This night was so much fun because Silencio is unlike any other club in Paris. The vibe is a little more relaxed because it has many different rooms you can go into if you want to get away from the loud music and dancing to just talk with some friends.
On Monday
, Katie went to the Valentin Yudashkin show. The show seemed very professional and what she always dreamed going to a fashion show would be like. With a front row view, she was able to get a really good look at this beautiful collection. The models started strutting down the runway you could easily recognize Yudashkin’s style and that he stayed true to his brand codes but still creating something different. With elegant long dresses that shined and sparkled to a leather jumpsuit or vest. Later on, at night we went back to L’arc for the Rihanna after-party but did not end up staying because it was very overcrowded and getting out of control.

To wrap up the end of PFW, on the last night we decided to go to the Off-White after party hosted by Virgil Abloh. Having talked to Virgil in the past, we were so excited when we were put on the guest list because he always seems to throw the best parties.  Playing music from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, we tried our best to serve the small sunglasses and mini handbags look. It was a blast from the past. After a few hours, we headed off to a club called Cartel before we called it a night. Overall the night was one for the books.

We really felt like this fashion week we were able to brand ourselves more as bloggers and experience everything fashion week has to offer. We are so grateful for all the shows we were invited to and so happy to have met so many new people. Until next fashion week!


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