Our Experience : New York Fashion Week F/W 2018

Our Experience : New York Fashion Week F/W 2018

Written By : Katie Chaplin & Monique Lapointe


Hi everyone! A few months ago Katie and I promised each other we would try our best to attend NYFW in February. Well, we worked our butts off and made it to New York!

We are going to tell you all about our experience at our first NYFW. The designers we loved, liked, disliked, the outfits we wore, food we ate and all the highs and lows!

Day 1:


On Day 1 we split up so we could attend different shows.

I (Katie) went to see the “Just In XX” show and it was such a street style chic with an Asian kick to it. The collection showed men’s and women’s designs. I saw a lot of oversized and baggy clothing paired with fanny packs and trainers. Most of the girls wore big circle sunglasses that had different designs on them. Some of my favorite pieces of the collection were the denim jackets and raincoats. What was so amazing about the collection was all of the different sizings and textures on different items of clothing. It was like a working men or women clothing with a twist.

I (Monique) attended the Tory Burch show. Everything about the Tory show was perfect. The venue was at this food emporium turned into a magical flower garden. Seriously, there was over a thousand flowers and fake grass on the catwalk. Not only was the venue amazing but so was the collection. Of course staying true to her codes, it was very floral and feminine. What I noticed about this collection was that the clothes looked more youthful. Tory seemed like she was trying to target a younger audience this collection, which made me very happy. The main colors used were navy, cream, this brown/orange color and dark brown. My favorite item from the whole collection was the shoes. Every model was wearing these ankle kitten booties. I’d die for a pair!



After our shows, we reunited over at the Plaza Hotel to go see the Dahlia Razzook and Von Sorella presentations.

Dahlia Razzook’s collection was very creative and something I have never seen before. Her collection was based on the first known literature to the world, the epic of Gilgamesh. She saw this ancient text from Mesopotamia written on stone tablets at the British Museum. All of her pieces are made of silk in England. The styles were so fun, unique and so wearable!

Von Sorella’s collection was giving us “Parisian’s dining at LaDuree” vibes. The main colors she used were this cream, off white along with a dark purple which she told us was her statement color of the collection. The clothes were very elegant and sophisticated while still being youthful. We completely fell in love with this cream blazer and even asked Dahlia if she could custom make one for each of us!

Besides the collections, both Dahlia and Miss Von Sorella were extremely warm and welcoming. We told them that the next time they visit Paris we must all do lunch!

After the presentations, we walked around Central park before heading over to Soho to go eat at the famous “By Chloe” cafe. Sadly for us, the Instagram famous vegan cafe didn’t meet our expectations. The minute we received our food, we knew it didn’t look fresh. It was cold and seemed almost flavorless. Of course, we are not one to judge a whole cafe just by a few items but we tried a lot of different things…but to be optimistic since we have heard so much about this cafe, next time we are in NYC we will go back and try something different off the menu!

After lunch, we were walking around Soho when we discovered a store called Bulletin. This store is all about feminism and women empowerment. Their motto is “Stores made by women, for women”. What’s great about Bulletin is that they donate 10% of sales to Planned Parenthood NYC!

We then attended Kate Stoltz presentation and we immediately fell in love. Kate’s collection is made of beautiful materials and textures. It’s all so feminine and elegant. I (Katie) could picture myself wearing one of her dresses for a photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower. Her collection was so my style and I would wear every single one of her pieces.

Day 2:


Our second day at NYFW was the busiest day for us. Starting off bright and early, we headed over to the Alice Mccall show.

The Alice Mccall show exceeded all our expectations. We completely fell in love with the collection. Alice used so much lace and floral. The clothes were everything a girl likes. Just a little sexy, comfortable and fun all at the same time. Our favorite thing about her collection was that she designed several thigh high boots with the same prints or colors as the outfits they were paired with. We thought this idea was so unique and different.

After our early morning show, I (Monique) grabbed lunch with my boyfriend at “The Butcher’s Daughter”. Even though my avocado toast had the perfect ratio of “avo to toast” that was really the only part of my meal which I really liked. My matcha coffee was a little too cold while my boyfriend’s eggs seemed uncooked.

Next up was the Tao Ray Wang Show. We absolutely loved the concept of this collection for what seemed to us, a reinvention of women’s business wear. More and more women are coming into power and we need the wardrobe to match. This designer perfectly creates what us powerful women want to wear in the workplace.

We came back for the Helen Anthony + William show at the same venue and we have to say we didn’t love it. We felt that the show was way too long because of the number of pieces. It seemed not only us but others were starting to get less interested and started dozing off.

Another thing we didn’t like about the collection was that they were claiming to be a unisex brand and we didn’t think it portrayed that. It seemed very clear of what was for women and what was for men.

After a day full of fashion shows, I (Monique) headed over to Brooklyn for the Phillip Plein after party. Phillip hosted his show and after party in this giant industrial building. With fake snow, an ice bar, a spaceship in the center with giant aluminum boulders everywhere, I felt like I was on some frozen ice planet in another galaxy. Plein partnered with Maybelline for the party and set up giant photobooths everywhere. I took about forty boomerangs before catching this one. Is it just me or does this seriously look like an ad campaign?

If all that wasn’t enough we even had party buses to bring us back to Manhattan. I don’t know what was better, the actual party or seeing fashion socialites tipsy off cocktails dancing to Rihanna on a moving bus. Leave it to Phillip Plein to throw a party out of this world (literally).


Day 3 :


We were both so excited for Day 3 because that was the day we were able to meet our NYC writer, Antonia! The three of us headed over to the meatpacking district for the EnnyLuap show.

The EnnyLuap collection was very business, casual. She used very natural colors such as navy, cream, black, white, camel and gray. We noticed a trend of strips and subtle patterns. Personally, we all really liked the collection but all agreed it was a little too mature for us. The collection is perfect for working women in her 30’s looking for comfortability while still dressing professionally.

After a morning show, we decided to take Antonia out to lunch at Sauce & Barrel. Our pizzas were delicious and reasonably priced! Seriously, where can you go to a sit down restaurant and only pay 13$ for a large cheese pizza nowadays? It’s almost impossible!

For our last and final show of the day, we attended the Vivi Zubedi show. This show was so intriguing because it is a Muslim brand with very stylish and very well designed abayas. She focuses on the ethnic element of her brand and is breaking barriers with the Muslim culture and designs.


Day 4 :


On our second to last day, we decided to take a break from fashion and actually enjoy the city as normal tourists.

I (Monique) spent the day with my boyfriend walking around the whole city. From the Financial District to Soho to Times Square, we did it all! As cheesy as it sounds, I felt like Serena and Dan from Gossip Girl walking around NYC.

I (Katie) was able to spend some more time with my best friend Megan and she was able to take me to a few of her favorite places. We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and it was SO delicious. Then for dinner, we went to a hookah bar/restaurant and ordered a ton of food and drinks. They had a very talented belly dancer that was making the energy in the room so much fun. It was such a laidback environment and were having such a good time that we ended up staying there for four hours!


Day 5 :


For our last and final day of NYFW, we attended the Carlisle show. We even brought Katie’s best friend Megan along with us for her first fashion show ever!

The Carlisle collection incorporated a lot of business, casual looks. This was a big trend we were seeing this season. With all the hype lately around feminism and women empowerment, it was so great to see designers incorporating that into their collections with strong, business looks that still maintained a level of fun and sexiness. Carlisle mainly used muted colors such as grey, black and white. Our favorite items from the collection were the coats. There was such a wide variety. From short tweed blazers, long coats, fur coats to vests, we had it all in one collection!

Carlisle shocked us all with the final look with this beautiful sequin gown. You could see everyone’s mouth drop in amazement as the model walked down the runway. It was absolutely stunning!

For dinner, Megan brought us to CAVA which is a Mediterranean version of a Chipotle. It was by far the best Mediterranean food we have had in a while. If you live in NYC or plan to visit soon you must check it out!

Our last event of NYFW was an art expo at ABXY Gallery. The exposition was called “Enlivening Red Velvet Heart” by artist Bettina Werner (aka the “Salt Queen”). Bettina is a Milanese artist who uses grains of salt as a form of art. When we asked Bettina how she manages to collect all the salt, paint over it and make it stick to a canvas she said: “that is a little secret I cannot share with the world yet”. We totally respect her secrecy and love for her art!

With NYFW finally over, it’s time for us to catch up on sleep and go back to our day to day lives while preparing for PFW in two weeks! We are extremely grateful that we were able to attend New York Fashion Week and thank all the designers who invited us to their shows/presentations.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who supports Moet & Manolos. We celebrated our one year anniversary in New York. It’s insane to think how far our website has come and how fast it is growing. This wouldn’t be possible without all of you reading our articles and giving us feedback. So once again, thank you! If you are interested in seeing a more visual representation of our NYFW experience, check out Monique’s youtube video (Link down below).

Till next time,

Editors-in-chief Katie Chaplin & Monique Lapointe



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