Moet & Manolos Monthly Favourites : October 2017

Moet & Manolos Monthly Favourites : October 2017

Written By : Katie Chaplin & Monique Lapointe


Hello lovelies! We are starting this new series on our website where each month we tell you about what songs, beauty items, recipes, fashion trends, travel destinations or local cafes we were obsessing about. This month, us, the editor’s and chief’s of Moet and Manolos are giving you the inside scoop on all our favourites. Below we have also linked some examples if you are interested in checking them out!



Coco Chanel- Mademoiselle




This is the perfect scent for someone who is trying to be sexy and feminine. There’s just something about Chanel perfume that when you wear it you feel so beautiful and classy.


Miss Dior- Absolutely Blooming




This is my favorite scent that I love to wear everyday. It is a very sweet girly smell but isn’t too strong. A perfect scent to be remembered as “yours.”




Vertigo – Dulf

Bad at Love – Halsey

What Lovers D – Maroon 5 SZA

Rockstar – Post Malone

Cherry Hill -Russ

Fortune -Lost Tribe. Escape EP (feat. Sam Lachow)




Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation (Light Reflecting)


I just discovered this foundation and I am in love. It has a light reflecting effect as well as full coverage. They have a lot of different skin tone shades so you’re able to find the best one that works for you. My color is ()


Coconut Oil Spray- OGX Beauty


I was obsessing over this coconut oil spray this month because it is great for keeping my hair smooth and soft.


Dior Blackout Mascara


I have used this mascara everyday for the past two years and I could never switch. With it’s black color and plush brush it’s perfect for your everyday look as well as your night.


Fenty Foundation


Let me just say, Fenty makeup is all it is hyped up to be. The foundation especially. It is one of the only face products I have ever used that feels so soft on the skin and doesn’t dry you out. It also has great coverage.







Being a “fake blonde” is all fun and games until your roots start to show. Throughout October I was so busy (AKA too lazy to go to the hair salon to retouch my roots) I just would throw on a beret. It’s trendy and matches almost any outfit!


Newspaper Hats




This hat has become a phenomenon and I completely understand why. Even when you are dressed casual it is the perfect way to add an extra touch to your outfit.

Black Sock Thigh High Boots




I just recently purchased these black, sock material thigh high boots from Stradivarius. They are easily one of my favorite shoe purchases! Even though they have a heel they are so easy to talk in, extremely comfortable and so stylish.








If I could eat Pho everyday I would. There’s a lot of debate over the pronunciation but I will clear that up right now it is pronounced pho like how it is spelled and not “fuh” One of my best friends and old roommate Lee speaks Chinese so I know I am saying this from a reliable source.


 Dairy & Gluten Free Chicken Creamy Pesto


My mom taught me how to make this and ever since I can’t stop cooking it. I am gluten intolerant and try to eat dairy free whenever I can. This recipe is so delicious it’ll leave you wanting more every time!

Click here for the recipe!