How to Treat your Boyfriend This Valentine’s Day

How to Treat your Boyfriend This Valentine’s Day

Written by: Katie Chaplin

In the spirit of feminism and the women’s march that just took place, what are we talking about on how to continue to support this movement? What is the definition of feminism to you? To me, that means equality between males and females. In a relationship that could mean doing things equally for each to show how much you appreciate one another.

For a typical Valentine’s Day, normally the guy is buying flowers, chocolates, jewelry, stuffed animals etc., Then they take you out to dinner and you get all dressed up and he pays for everything. Which, of course, every woman loves to know that their special someone cares for them and would go out of their way for them.

But what if this year it was the other way around? What if you treat your sweetie for Vday by getting him things he likes, taking him out to his favorite restaurant or make him his favorite home-cooked meal. Let’s take control of things this year and show that femininity!

Surprise Him with a Mini Trip!

Whether that is a day trip to the town over or a weekend trip to somewhere you’ve both never been before.



Go Out for Breakfast

You could take him to get his favorite place for pancakes and eggs or try a brunch place you have both been wanting to try.



Take Him Shopping

Maybe there’s that certain watch or pair of shoes your sweetie has been eyeing. Swing by there with him, let him pick it out and then tell him to sit down while you check out.

Get Tickets to a Sports Game or Exhibition

You can surprise him after that with tickets to a football game? Or if he’s the artsy type, to an exhibition.



Busy Girl Date

If you’re busy on Valentine’s day because well, you are a hard working female after all. Just surprise him with a gift and dinner reservations to wherever his heart desires.

Romantic Dinner at Home

You can cook him up a 3 Course meal. Set the table light some candles and have a romantic night in. I’m sure whatever you prepare he would be so happy with…unless you burn it. Try to avoid that.