How to Throw a Dinner Party in Your Tiny Parisian Apartment

How to Throw a Dinner Party in Your Tiny Parisian Apartment

Written By: Katie Chaplin

So you want to throw a dinner party in your Parisian apartment and you realize you have a tiny kitchen, tiny table, and tiny amount of space. How do you plan to have about 6-10 people over for dinner?

Last weekend my friends decided to throw a little dinner party and it got me thinking about how we were really going to pull this off. Here is what we ended up doing.

My first tip for this party is to plan in advance. Start a group chat of everyone you want to invite and give them the theme you want for what kind of food to bring. Don’t forget to include the date and time 😉 Then once everyone has come up with their ideas of what they are going to bring have them message it in the group chat so no one is bringing the same thing.

With the kitchen being so small it is best to only have to cook a few things at your own place and to have other people bring over the rest. In America, we call this a “potluck”. It is the perfect way to have enough food for everyone, have a different variety, and not take too much time preparing everything on your own. Someone must be in charge of the essentials *wine, champagne, favorite poison* of course!

You will want to make sure you have enough utensils and plate ware, etc. If you don’t have enough space at your table set up a cute area by your couch or set up some pillows on the floor.

Another essential for any dinner party is good music. You have to have some kind of speaker or tv that you can plug music into or connect to youtube, Spotify, iTunes.

Then room for dancing or even just mingling. If you have furniture in the way make sure you move it accordingly to have enough space once you are done sitting and eating.

It was a successful night and we surprisingly had more than enough space. We only finished about 6 bottles of wine and even had leftover food to munch on throughout the night.