How To Spruce Up Your 5 Minute Beauty Routine

How To Spruce Up Your 5 Minute Beauty Routine

Written By : Antonia Gabriele


Here are a few tips to get the look you want when you’re in a rush and don’t have enough time to do your full beauty routine.

Puffy Eyes 

Let’s start off with those puffy eyes with which I frequently wake up with. Usually, I’m able to drink some water and have a bit of down time before I start putting makeup on. Sometimes I hit snooze one too many times and have to make up my face right away. Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water stick is seriously my new favorite thing in the world. I use it every morning, and it really works when I need to quickly relax those puffy eyes.



Putting concealer under your eyes not only takes 2 seconds but it will also brighten your whole face. Putting a bit where there is any redness can also help you achieve an even look as if you had foundation on. Tapping some powder on top of the places you concealed as well as on the rest of your face will even out your complexion and will also help keep that concealer in its place.



A quick stroke of blush will give you a natural glow. Putting some on your cheekbones will contour your face without you having to actually contour!


Brow Gel 

Instead of using a pencil (if you use one) use a brow gel. It’s so much faster and it’ll also give you a bit of a different look for your makeup. If you use one with a spooly brush it’ll give your brows a thicker, fuller look.



Use highlighter right under your brows and on the tip of your nose.  A little goes a long way for a refreshed shimmer-in-the-sunlight look.



Putting some lipstick on instead of spending time putting on mascara will give you a super cool look. This is one of my favorite things to do when trying to complete a 5 minute beauty routine.  Leave your eyes bare and go bold with a lip color in your favorite trendy shade.