How to Mentally & Physically Prepare for Fashion Week

How to Mentally & Physically Prepare for Fashion Week

Written By: Monique Lapointe

Hello lovelies! In a few weeks, I will be attending my third fashion week here in Paris, France. Let me be the first to tell you this, the runway shows, after parties, launch parties and pop-up shops are all so amazing and an experience of a lifetime but, it can also be so tiring! This may sound a bit dramatic, but I’m more exhausted after fashion week then I used to be by running the mile in elementary school.

In order for me to be in my tip-top shape for fashion week, I have a few tips to help me prep for the hectic week ahead. In honor of the current “ready to wear” fashion week going on in New York City right now and soon after heading to London, Milan, and Paris, I decided to share my tips with my fellow fashion lovers.

Tip 1: Stay in the Weekend before fashion week

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you know I’m a party girl. I go out almost every weekend except the weekend before a fashion week. I like to let my body rest because I know that I will most likely be hitting up clubs or after parties during fashion week.

Tip 2: Tea, NOT Coffee

Personally, I like to drink tea over coffee during fashion week. Of course, we all know that coffee has caffeine in it and wakes you up, but it also makes you anxious. If you are going out to after parties, getting home at 4 am and waking up at 8 am for a show, coffee is just going to make you very nervous. Tea will relax your body and mind.

Tip 3: Face Masks

Before and during fashion week, try to do different face masks to rejuvenate your skin. If you have any blemishes you want to get rid of over fashion week, try a mask made for clearing them. Just make sure that you buy masks made for your skin type! A mask I would recommend is the “Glam Glow Flashmud Brightening Treatment” which can be found at Sephora. If that is too pricey, I would recommend going to your local pharmacy and looking at their selection of face masks.

Tip 4: Detoxing food

None of us want to look bloated in photos during fashion week! To avoid looking bloated, I would recommend going on a detox. Drinking lots of fruit water, plus eating detoxing food. Below I linked a list of detox foods and some delicious dish recipes.

Tip 5: Researching, organizing and preparing

Imagine come the first day of fashion week and you have no shows or anything planned. That would totally suck! The key to mastering fashion week is preparation. About 1-3 weeks before fashion week, look up the schedule for the week. This will tell you the dates and times plus which designers will be showcasing their collections. Getting an invitation to a show can be hard unless you are someone influential in fashion already (Aka you have 10K+ on Instagram), but it’s not impossible! On each fashion week website on the schedule page, under each brand, it usually has the designers “Press” email. If you email them listing your reason for wanting to attend the show, they may email you back with an invitation. Of course, I wouldn’t go emailing Dior asking for an invitation, but smaller designers will usually have more space available.

If you do not get an invitation to a show, you can still show up to the venue and see/take photos of people entering the fashion show! Trust me, it’s actually a lot of fun. Most of the people entering the show are wearing designer clothes.

Even if you don’t attend a show, you can still try to go to the after parties! I recommend looking up the super popular clubs in your city and seeing if they are having any special events during fashion week.

Below I linked New York, London, Milan, and Paris websites for fashion week: