How to Detox and Unwind With the Best Beauty Tricks

How to Detox and Unwind With the Best Beauty Tricks

Written By:  Antonia Gabriele


This is the perfect time for me to share some of my tips and tricks on something I do best – relaxing. You could call me a professional at this point. Putting on my fuzzy robe, unwinding and chilling in bed is seriously my favorite part of every day. Not only that, but taking a little bit of time for yourself is so important, especially after a busy day or week. Since the fashion weeks are finally over some R&R should definitely come in handy! Although I was only able to attend NYFW, I know just how busy and flustering things can get. We all need some relaxation in our lives so we can feel and be our best selves. So throw on your PJs, put on your fuzzy socks and enjoy!

Essential Oils + Diffuser



Essential oils are amazing when trying to unwind. I got an oil diffuser a little over a year ago and it really changed my life (as dramatic as that sounds). They are super easy to use: just fill it with water, put a few drops of the oil and you’re set to go! I usually put it on before I go to bed and let it run the whole night, which is just my preference. Lavender oil works best for me; it relaxes me and helps me sleep. Lavender is known to help insomnia and migraines. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can also put a bit on your pillow or even some in a tissue and give it a little sniff when needed!




I know some of you are probably reading this title and saying “no way” but honestly meditating is so much easier than it seems and SO SO handy. Meditating can help clear your head of all negative thoughts and anxieties so you can really relax. I like to meditate after I’ve washed up and am ready for bed. All I do is sit myself down, get comfortable, close my eyes, and breathe. I countdown from 10, silently, to clear my head and focus on my breathing. I repeat this for a few minutes until I feel relaxed enough to sip my hot water and watch some netflix.

Lemon Water



Adding lemon to a cold glass of water you drink throughout the day is great but it’s also great in hot water! It tastes just as good as tea and the smell of lemon is really calming. Besides that, lemon is a great source of vitamin C. Vitamin C really gets your digestive system moving and even improves your skin! I do tend to drink this at night to unwind but it is also great to drink in the morning. Lemon is known to neutralize odors so it’s perfect from your stinky morning breath(just kidding… but not really ;)!)

These three things, oils, lemon water, and meditation; are an essential part of my nightly routine. I do want to share three others though. To get into unwinding I first take a really hot shower. Hot showers can ease tense muscles and anxiety! Every once in awhile I like to use a face mask after I’ve washed off my makeup, not only to relax but to detox my skin a bit. Using makeup can be harsh on your skin and I know when I’m busy and stressed I tend to break out much easier! Try to find a mask that has good ingredients and a relaxing scent, one that won’t get on your nerves after awhile! One last little trick I have up my sleeve to help you unwind is stretching. Stretching is an amazing way to get rid of stress. It aids blood circulation so your muscles can take a deep breath too. Stretching is a good way to slow down and pay attention to your body.

I hope my tips and tricks will help you get some true R&R the next time you are in need! Sit back relax and have a fabulous day or night!