Best Happy Hours in Paris

Best Happy Hours in Paris

Written by: Katie Chaplin

Hello everyone! One of the most Parisienne things to do that I can think of is to sit at a cafe sipping some wine or a cocktail smoking a cigarette. There’s so many cafes and restaurants around Paris, so how do you choose? I have started compiling my personal list of favorites by price and location.

La Belle Equipe

Price: +/- 5 Euros

If you want to have a great time and meet some really friendly people this is such an amazing place! They also have really good desserts you can pair with your wine and cocktails.

Au Bureau

Price: 50% off drinks

This place has such a cute interior with brown and white striped walls and beautiful chandeliers by the bar. There’s also not a lot better than 50% off drinks!

Red House

Price: Cocktails +/- 6, Beer +/- 4 Euros

Here you can enjoy the pinball machine and be in the famous location of Bastille. There’s also so many other bars and clubs nearby so you can bar hop throughout the night if you are planning for an entire night out!

Cafe des Anges

Price: +/- 5-10 Euros

This cafe has more of a bistro feel so this would be a good place to grab some drinks with friends and is also in the area of Bastille so you could always go out after.

Who’s Who

Price: Buy 1 get 1 Free!!

Super cute and trendy ambiance. It is near Hotel De Ville and Centre Pompidou. Great place to get a drink and go on a romantic stroll after your drink or to wind down after a day of touristing around Paris!

The Moose (Canadian Bar/American Feel)

Price: Cocktails +/- 7.5 Mixed Drinks & Beer +/- 6.5 Euros

If you are looking for an American way of living then you should try out The Moose. I am always a fan of a good deal and what is more American than watching a football game, drinking a beer, and eating chicken wings? You can get 6 free chicken wings if you buy a Canadian Strange Brew! I cannot say no to free chicken wings!


Price: +/- 5-10 Euros

This place has two of my favorite things. Tacos and cocktails! It is a bit hard to find some really great tacos in Paris. They specialize in agave spirits and why not get some amazing chips and guacamole or if you are really hungry their great tacos. This is a very popular place with not a lot of space so I do recommend booking a table in advance, especially on the weekends.

Bistrot du Centre

Price: Cocktails and Pinte de Kronenbourg +/- 5.5 Euros

This bistro sits right in front of the Centre Pompidou! Great view of the museum and even better place for some people watching. After attending an exhibit or leaving the library you can stop by here.

Le Spicy Home

Price: +/- 5-8 Euros

If you want to enjoy a nice meal out this is a great place to go. There’s also some great plates to share during happy hour like a cheese board for 12 euros or some fried chicken with chili sauce.

Le Petit Marcel

Price: +/- 5 Euros

I always love a great deal especially on something I really enjoy so definitely have to go get your 3,90 mojito.

Happy hours are every day after work or school and you mine as well embrace the French way of living.