5 Vintage Items Everyone Needs To Own

5 Vintage Items Everyone Needs To Own

Written By : Cristina Calciati



Hello! Today’s post is about must-have vintage items. As you already know I’m a vintage enthusiast and I love to share my tips and thoughts with you. Whether you are a beginner or a pro when it comes to vintage shopping, just keep reading to discover what items you shouldn’t miss.


1- Sunnies and glasses.

One of the easiest and funniest things to pick up at a vintage shop is definitely a nice pair of sunglass. Retro-looking sunnies are always on trend and can make even the simplest look. There are tons out there to be discovered: designer ones, unlabelled treasures or simply preowned. Check out the sunglasses section and I promise you’ll find something amazing. If you wear glasses that’s even better! Vintage or vintage looking ones are so chic!

Tips: Don’t just buy by looking at them. Similar pairs may look totally different on your face. Try all of them to see which pair suits you the best.



2- Shirts.

Classic white, pastel color, striped, floral or even metallic, it doesn’t matter which color, fabric or pattern you may like: bring that home because you’ll wear it a lot. A vintage shirt immediately gives you a cooler and more stylish look, and it is so effortless. Put it on when you don’t know what to wear and you know you’ll look great.

Tips: Don’t limit yourself. Try to be open-minded in front of the shirt racks. If it’s too oversized it doesn’t mean it won’t look great. Check the men’s section as well, they often have a nice selection and a masculine shirt also looks good on a woman.



3- Bags.

You don’t necessarily have to buy an expensive vintage designer bag. If you take your time and you keep looking for a nice one, you’ll end up with an amazing item. Older bags are often better made, they are higher quality and they feel luxurious. You can’t go wrong with one of these. Everyone will compliment your latest accessory.

Tips: Take your time to make sure it is in perfect condition. It has to close properly, the straps must be well sewn and it must be strong enough to carry your personal items.



4- Coats.

The colder season is coming and a vintage coat is what you need.  I love a super trendy outerwear piece, with strange details and elements that match the trends of the moment; but I really do believe that you’ll use that kind of stuff no more than a season, ‘cause the following year it won’t be that cool. Owning a good vintage coat (or any type of outerwear you like) means having some safe basics to rely on. I’m not saying that this item has to be simple or minimal, but it should be in a style that you really like regardless of the trends. They are modern but at the same time so timeless.

Tips: Does it have all the buttons and do the pockets have holes? If yes, can you easily repair or replace them?



5- Dresses.

I noticed that in every vintage shop there are always a lot of beautiful dresses. The styles are various, from disco-diva to peasant chic. I think that they work like the shirts. When you have nothing to wear you throw it on and you instantly look put together. Once again, you get a fabulous and unique look without putting too much effort.

Tips: Sometimes vintage stuff is not your exact size, so you may notice that the item you love doesn’t fit you perfectly. Try to understand what’s looking strange and find out how to fix it. They usually have shoulder pads, so remove them and the dress will look completely different. If the waist is too low or too loose, try with a belt. If the skirt is too long for your body type, consider cutting it shorter.