5 Jackets to Own This Winter

5 Jackets to Own This Winter

Written By : Monique Lapointe

Hey lovelies! Incase you haven’t noticed, it is officially winter time. The leaves have fallen off all the trees, the rain has become snow and halloween pumpkins have turned into Christmas mistletoe.

If you want to add some colour and creativity to your wardrobe this winter, here are 5 different jackets you must own this winter! Oh and shoutout to Katie for being my model for the day 😉


Denim Jacket



Denim jackets are always in trend. Depending on where you live and the climate, you can get a thinner denim jacket or a fur lined one.





These jackets are extremely trendy right now. You may think they are very expensive but you can actually find extremely affordable ones at H&M, Asos or Forever 21!


Long Coat



Whenever I wear a longer coat I instantly feel that I look more mature and skinnier. I love how a long coat, some jeans and some booty heels can make me look taller and more put together!


Fur Coat



Fur coats are my favourite thing about winter. Seriously, the first thing I did on December 1st was take out all my fur coats from storage. They will make you feel so sassy and boujee. Don’t worry about breaking the bank either with buying a fur coat because they always sell super cute ones at vintage shops, Nastygal & Boohoo!





I’ve raved so much about blazers it’s no surprise I would add them to the list. They are a great way to make any outfit look a little more put together and serious, while still being fun and sexy. Plus, you’ll look like a total GIRLBO$$!