5 Italian “Instagramers” You Should Follow

5 Italian “Instagramers” You Should Follow

Written By : Cristina Calciati


Hello! Today I’m sharing with you the 5 top Italian “Instagramers” you should follow. (Disclaimer: there are more, but these are the ones that I would recommend to you at the moment!)

As some of you may know I’m Italian and I currently live in Milan. In Italy we have tons and tons of cool Instagram accounts, and these 5 are my current favourites. If you are interested in photography, style or both, go check them out!





Chiara is an image consulting, a designer and Social Media business girl. She’s definitely a fashion expert, isn’t she? Check her account to stay updated with the latest trends and to find some major style .






Marta is a talented photographer based in Paris. In my opinion, her pics are breathtaking, and if you are into photography you shouldn’t miss her posts.






Carlotta is a stylist, a DJ, and an accessory designer. She works with some of the top fashion people around. Her Instagram feed transmits positive vibes only, and you have to check her out for fashion inspirations.






Elena is a stylist based both in Paris and Milan. Her profile is full of cool images, which really inspires me since I’m studying hard to become a fashion stylist as well. I suggest you follow her, ‘cause her IG is on point.






Patricia is an Italian web influencer and fashion blogger. Mainly known for her street style and her IG account, but she’s also a singer. If you are looking for a new amazing fashion based profile you surely need her in your instagram’s home.