5 Fashion and Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know

5 Fashion and Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know

Written By: Monique Lapointe

Hi lovelies! Today I am here to share with you five of my favourite fashion and beauty hacks that everyone should know.

  1. Hiding your hair tie underneath a watch

If you’re like me, you can’t stand the look of a hair tie on your wrists but you also always seem to be in need of one. So, I simply just hide a hair tie underneath my watch. There when you need it, hidden when you don’t.

2. Freezing your chapstick

Burning your lips in the summer is the worst! To help the healing process, put your chapstick in the freezer for about 30 minutes. This way when you apply it, the coldness of the chapstick will feel soothing on your hot, burnt lips. 

3) Use a toothbrush to distress you denim

If you don’t have sandpaper and still want to DIY distress your denim, just use a toothbrush. After cutting the denim just take your toothbrush and scrub away to make it have a used/worn look.

4) Turn an old band tee into a cute, edgy crop top

If you’re like me and went through a punk rock, alternative phase in your life you must have a few band tees hiding in your closet. A cool look for the night is taking an old band tee and turning it into a crop top. Simply try on the shirt, mark where you want to cut, take it off and grab your scissors. You can find these exact same shirts at clothing stores such as Topshop or Zara for over twenty euros. By doing this simple DIY you are not only saving money but you also have an original piece of clothing that no one else will be wearing.

5) Dipping your eyeliner in water to prevent it from drying up

If you’re getting to the end of your eyeliner here’s an easy trick to get a few more uses out of it. Simply dip your eyeliner in some water, wait about one minute and use it again. The black will be more opaque almost as if it’s brand new.