5 Famous Spots in Milan For The Perfect Instagram Photo!

5 Famous Spots in Milan For The Perfect Instagram Photo!

Written By: Cristina Calciati

Hello! Today I’d like to suggest to you some locations in Milan for taking beautiful photos. If you are a tourist looking for a cool souvenir picture or that perfect Instagram photo I hope these ideas are helpful.

Colonne di San Lorenzo


This place is very picturesque with its classical architecture. A lot of cool people walk around this part of Milan, and you will find many fashionable shops.



The Navigli District is a famous zone of the city. The view is amazing, especially in the evening when it’s full of people. You can walk on the bridges and take pictures of the calm water and the colorful houses.

Orto Botanico di Brera


This well-groomed garden is ideal for everyone who wants a little break from the city chaos. The atmosphere is relaxed, homely and full of natural colors and delicate perfumes.

Pinacoteca di Brera


The Pinacoteca is an internationally famous art gallery. I took the photos in the court of Brera Palace, where the view is amazing, but there’s much more to be seen.

Piazza dei Mercanti


This tiny corner of Milan was a Medieval square. It is close to the Duomo Cathedral and is worth the little walks.


I didn’t mention some other well-known locations such as the Duomo or the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, but obviously, you must see them too! (Regarding the Duomo, you should visit the Museo del ‘900: from a huge window on the top floor you have a different point of view. A breathtaking sight.)

Like every other city, Milan offers tons of interesting places and views. These are just a few ideas but there are a lot more! Let us know if you’d like an additional post with new ideas and advice on Milan!