30 Ways to Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety

30 Ways to Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Written By: Monique Lapointe

Hello lovelies! I am going to get a little personal with all of you today. Something not many of you my know about me is that for the last few years I have been dealing with PTSD and anxiety. Some days I don’t feel it, but other days I do. These are some of the things I do when experiencing anxiety or stress to help me calm down and relax. Hopefully these can help you too!

  1. Do Yoga

2. Paint







3. Colour in a colouring book







4. Sketch trees at the park

5. Have a picnic with friends

6. Listen to Indie music (Here is a link to my relaxation playlist on Spotify called “Happy Honey 🍯🐝🌻”)

7. Go on Pinterest (Here is a link to our boards! Go follow)

8. Make a delicious meal (Here is a link to make some delicious vegetable wraps)







9. Close all the blinds and sleep









10. Tan on your balcony (give the neighbour’s something to stare at 😉)

11. Take a bubble bath









12. Bring a chair and sit in the shower under steaming water

13. Put on a face mask

14. Paint your nails/toes

15. Watch a movie : Here are some good movies I recommend 🎬🎥; Walt Before Mickey, Dark Places, Shawshank Redemption, Stuck in Love, Slumdog Millionaire, The Bucket List, Perks of Being a Wallflower, When Harry Met Sally, Definitely Maybe and Burlesque

16. Write or start a journal






17. Write poems

18. Read a book : Here is my list 📕 ; Night by Elie Wiesel, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, 44 Charles Street by Danielle Steel, Different Seasons by Stephen King, Animal Farm by George Orwell and Lord of the Flies by William Golding






19. Read poems : An amazing author named Isabella Mente self published a book called ‘7300 days’ of all her poems. Buy it on Amazon!









20. Pet an animal

21. Disconnect from the world and turn off all your cell phone

22. Make a fort in you living room

23. Buy flowers









24. Garden

25. Drink tea

26. Go hang out at a hookah lounge with friends (I am not promoting smoking here)

27. Smoke a cigarette (still not promoting smoking!)

28. Talk to an old friend

29. Meditate

30. Create a mood board or a dream board


If you are dealing with stress and anxiety just know that you’re not crazy, you’re human. Whatever is causing you to worry, it will all be okay eventually, I promise. If you ever need anyone to talk to please send us an email at moetandmanolos.com or a direct message on my personal Instagram ‘Moniquemariiee’. I would love to talk to you all and try to help!

Xoxo, Monique