20 Unique “Instagramers” Worth Following!

20 Unique “Instagramers” Worth Following!

Written By: Cristina Calciati

Hi everyone! Instagram is an incredible source of inspiration, especially stylistic one. There are tons of fashion accounts, which sometimes are pretty similar to each other. Many people tend to stick to certain trends and to copy the mass to be sure to get many Likes.

I think that the most interesting and captivating IGers are those who have a strong personal style. They develop a pleasant and cohesive aesthetic, which is often very unique and different from the ‘standards’.

1 @maria_bernad


What I like the most about her account, apart from the refined style and the creative shoots, is the colour palette. She mixes colours in such a pleasant way!

There is a perfect balance between pastels, neutrals and bright shades.

2 @mirandamakaroff


Colours, happiness, positivity and even more colours: here’s what you’ll find on her page.

When I first saw her pics I was so attracted by this style that I kept going back to scroll her posts. She’s able to mix prints and patterns in new unexpected ways.

Once you discover Miranda, you cannot forget her!

3 @bjonesstyle


Beth is the queen of vintage and thrift shopping. She regularly posts her killer outfits, that are all about layering, dressing up and mixing her finds. Her IG is on point, but if you want to know her a little bit more and get some major inspo, go check her YouTube channel.

To all the thrift lover out there: go follow her.

4 @katrifab


Katrina Knizikevičiūtė is a designer, a model, a tailor and a stylist, so her aesthetic is obviously fantastic.

What I like about her photos is the way she personalises them even more, drawing black lines to underline or to add details.

5 @jennymwalton


I think that everyone already knows her, but in case you don’t, go check her!

Jenny appears in hundreds of street style photos, has 149M followers and is the fashion editor of The Sartorialist. Despite the fact that she’s supposed to be the

typical trendy-girl-who-works-in-fashion, she’s not.

Her style is extremely personal, it’s classy and above the trend of that moment.

That’s why Jenny is so cool and admired.

6 @aubrey.anna


Blond bob, pastel shades and cat eye, this girl looks like a cute cartoon character.

Her aesthetic is fresh but retro at the same time, she makes me think of a woman from another era.

You can get a lot of inspiration if you love feminine quirky style.


7 @gogolupin


This Parisian boy wants to change the idea we all have about pink. It’s not only a feminine colour!

He assembles cool outfit including a lot of pink and they look amazing. His account is exactly like his style: pastel colours in a masculine interpretation, what he calls his #pinkvision.

8 @evkeisnothome


Evke is a “Sydney based wannabe cool kid”, that’s what she writes about herself. Her style is almost unique. Evke knows how to mix and match fabrics and colours in a punk-grunge way. Another plus about this account is her creativity not only in outfits but also in makeup.

9 @norellerheingold


Looking for something really alternative? Check Norelle’s profile. She has a very special aesthetic.

What she posts doesn’t represent the typical kind of beauty, but that doesn’t mean it is less inspiring. Her style is surprising and in each photos she transform her look remaining true to herself.

10 @daisydonohoe


She is a diva. Daisy Donohoe takes you into a glamorous world. The pics of her account are like frames of an opulent dreamlike film from the past.

Perfect hair and makeup, breathtaking dresses and fresh manicure.

11 @uglyworldwide


Jazelle Zanaughtti represent freedom of self-expression.

When she was younger she was bullied for her look but today she learned to embrace it, and the world loves it! Now she’s an icon and her androgynous style inspires tons of people.

Thanks to her messages we learn that being yourself is what really makes you beautiful.

12 @mstr_of_disguise


Ann-Marie is a wardrobe stylist who loves layering and mixing clothes. Her aesthetic is sexy, sporty, sassy and colourful. She pull off many different styles but in the end they are always coherent. Her posts are interesting ’cause you can get a lot of styling ideas.

13 @louisvuittoncrocs


Another confident girl is Louisvuittoncrocs. She’s a plus size model and she loves her body. This woman spreads body positivity: she wrote ‘I fall in love with myself everyday’.

14 @ hannahandersonn


Hannah has an amazing tomboy style. She looks delicate and feminine, but at the same time so mannish! Her look is so appealing because of those contrasts.

I frequently check her profile and you should too!

15 @zoe.schlacter

This girl is very interesting with a strong personality and an equally strong style.

Her IG account is literally one of a kind and if you’re interested in something special to delight your eyes, you shouldn’t miss her.

16 @dankasvintage

If a cool 70s girl could have used Instagram, her account would look just like this. She’s not only interested in vintage fashion, she’s a real time traveller living in another era.

17 @taylorlashae


She’s a sort of XXI century garconne, with her short messy hair and signature red lipstick.

Her style represents modern women: independent, confident and refined.



18 @monlinglee


I found this account when I was into color-blocking, but I never stopped following her since.

I can’t believe how perfectly she pairs colours and texture.

19 @sara_waiste


A fashion mix between an hippie and a bohemiénne. 

Lose yourself in Sara’s profile, full of tan and neutral colours that bring us back to the 70s.

She owns another account, @asos_saralouise, useful for those who want more of her signature pics.


20 @checking_invoices


“Anonymous duo based nowhere” recently mentioned in Vogue Italia.

They give an ironic interpretation of fashion and they kinda play dress up.