What to Stop and Start Doing in 2018

What to Stop and Start Doing in 2018

Written By: Katie Chaplin

Hey everyone! It’s the beginning of a new year and I am sure everyone has made their new years resolutions and are still feeling a burst of motivation and inspiration for things to come. This year instead of coming up with resolutions, we should think of things as intentions. What goals do you want to achieve this year? What bad habits do you want to break? Take it one day at a time and do it in a way that is manageable and attainable for you.

Think of this new year as a gift you are being rewarded. Whatever you did this last year let it be what has grown and prepared you for this clean slate you now have for 2018.

Let’s say goodbye to all the bad energy, thoughts and habits! Here are 20 things I at least want to stop doing.


  1. Snoozing my alarm! Get my lazy bum out of bed.



2. Eating dairy (I love going to the fromagerie for cheese it’ll be hard for me to commit 100% year round but I am going to try my best…)

3. Procrastinating on homework, the sooner you get it done the more free time you have. Also less likely to look like this at 3am before something is due….


4. Eating so much pasta at home because I’m not made in Italy!


5. Stressing about things that aren’t in my control.

6. Watching TV when there are books I want to be reading.



7. Not giving myself enough time to get to school so I am not late.



8. Going to sleep at unreasonable times.

9. Throwing clothes on the floor because I can’t find anything to wear…

10. Skipping the gym.

11.Complaining when there are too many things to be grateful for.

12. Using non-cruelty free beauty products. (It’s hard to make the full switch but I am slowly easing my way into it)

13. Using chemicals! There are so many great all natural cleaners.

14. Leaving 60 tabs open on my laptop because am I really ever going to go back and buy that top or read that article?



15. Not deleting unnecessary things off of email and storage spaces (databases are starting to be stored in the ocean as a way to keep them cool because so much energy is used to cool them with fans otherwise)

16. Waiting for things. You are the one to make something happen!

17. Smoking! Even if it’s just sometimes.

18. Trying to be perfect when no one ever can be.

19. Stop staying in comfort zone and branch out.

20. Being afraid to speak French.



Here are 18 things I do or I want to be better about doing.


Waking up earlier to start your day and be more productive.

2. Drink a glass of water before any coffee or tea.



3. Eat vegan/plant-based.


4. Follow a workout routine weekly.



5. Do yoga. Meditate More.

6. Listen to music that makes you happy.

7. Read more books, poetry, magazines.



8. Watch documentaries on things that interest you.

9. Do something nice for others regularly.

10. Make time to do things you love.




11. Take your vitamins (I take vitamin C, b12, omega 3, and iron)

12. Moisturize always.

13. Eat more fruit.

14. Make a list of everything you need to get done in the day and check them off as you go.

15. Always keep a calendar. Add everything even if it’s not that important.

16. Don’t forget to recycle!

17. Carry around a healthy snack to not be tempted to eat food you will regret later.

18. Work hard in everything you do! My Dad always told me that the harder you work, the luckier you get 😉


It’s 2018 and this is the year that we should all start strong and end strong.