15 Gift Ideas For Your Sister

15 Gift Ideas For Your Sister

Written By: Katie Chaplin


Hey everyone! It’s that time of the year to show your lovely sister how much she means to you and get her something nice so….. you can eventually steal it from her! I mean borrow 😉


1. Record/Vinyl

2.  Pajama set

You could even get matching ones for your Christmas/Instagram photos.




3. Tapestry



4. Candles



5. Chapsticks


6. Matching Rings

When you see a ring that you actually want but remember your supposed to be shopping for her so just get two!



7. Cardigan



8. Beanie

9. Makeup Bag

10. Eyeshadow Palette



11. Body Scrub



12. Concert tickets

Some of the best times you could have are going to be with your sister and going to a concert together is the perfect way to make memories and to enjoy music that you both like.




13. Gym pass or hot yoga class package

This is something I think that could be a great thing to do together so that you are able to reach your fitness goals together and keep each other motivated! You could join a gym together, sign up for a class or even get a personal trainer.




14. Nail Polish, Gel Polish Set

There are many options for nails depending on what your sister’s preference is. If they like to do it themselves you can buy a nail polish or a gel nail kit. If they like to get pampered at the salon you could buy them a gift certificate to their favorite nail salon.



15. Sunglasses

Hopefully, you know at this point what kind of shape of sunglasses would suit your beautiful sisters face 😉