15 Gift Ideas For Your Mom

15 Gift Ideas For Your Mom

Written By : Monique Lapointe


Hey lovelies! Christmas is all about giving back, so why not give back an amazing gift to your mother? After all, she deserves it. Here are 15 gift ideas that will make you look like the favourite child 😉

1 )  Spa Package



2 ) An “easy read” Book



Mom’s love those “easy read” books. The books which you leave on top of the counter as decorative use and read every so often when you’re snuggled up in a blanket by the fireplace.


3 ) Slippers

4 ) Oil Diffuser


5 ) Matching Pandora Bracelet + Charms



This is a great gift idea because it can become a tradition! For example every Christmas you could buy each other a new charm.


6 ) Bathrobe



7 ) Silk Scarf



8 ) Kitchen Supply Set



9 ) “Mom” mug



When I say “mom” mug I mean those coffee mugs that have the cute quotes about motherhood. For example, “Momma does it best”, “Mother of the year” or “The women in charge”.


10 ) Expresso machine


11 ) Tea Package



12 ) Leather Gloves



13 ) Ear Muffs



14 ) Oven Mits

15 ) Small watch



I know my mom only likes to wear watches that are water proof or resistant and that are small and not too bulky. So I would recommend getting one with all those features!