15 Gift Ideas For The Fashion Influencer

15 Gift Ideas For The Fashion Influencer

Written By : Monique Lapointe


Hey lovelies! As I was telling my friends what I wanted for Christmas I thought to myself “wow I’m such a basic fashion influencer”. All fashion influencers have or want at least 5 of these gifts. This is a FACT. So, if you have a friend or a girlfriend who is also trying to get into the fashion influencing world, I would recommend getting her something from this list!


1 ) Gucci belt




2 ) Card holder


Ysl, Gucci, Dior, it doesn’t matter but tend to one she needs a card holder to put in her tiny designer bag.


3 ) Lumee Case


Lighting is everything! How is a fashion influencer supposed to take a killer Instagram story photo showing off her OOTD and snatched hair without a Lumee case?

4 ) ANYTHING from Glossier



5 ) Camera / Polaroid



6 ) Aimee Song’s book




7 ) A Gisou product



8 ) Daniel Wellington / Cluse watch



9 ) Instagram Boyfriend / Husband


I mean, you can’t really buy a boyfriend. But if your girlfriend is a fashion influencer, you better be getting low to catch those good angles for the perfect Insta photo.


10 )  ANYTHING from Revolve



11 ) Faux Fur Coat



12 ) Perfume



13 ) Avocado’s (for avocado toast)


Remember that Vine of the little boy extremely happy after opening an Avocado for Christmas? That’s the exact reaction you’ll get from one of us.


14 ) Glamglow mask



15 ) Sunglasses