10 Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend For Valentines Day

10 Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend For Valentines Day

Written By : Monique Lapointe


Hey lovelies! So far we’ve talked all about what to do and buy your boyfriend for Valentines day, but what about all the lovely ladies out there? They deserve an amazing present too!

The typical valentines day presents for girlfriends are teddy bears and chocolate. Even though that is so adorable and sweet, it’s not very original. If you want to buy your girlfriend a present a little outside of the box, here are 10 original gift ideas!


1 ) Designer Belt



Of course, this is a little more pricey than most valentines day presents but if you really want to spoil your girl this year, buy her a designer belt! She will love it and most likely wear it all the time.


2 ) Her favourite TV series on DVD



We all have that one tv series we could binge watch forever. Obviously you can find almost every TV series online or on netflix, but theres something special about having the whole series on DVD. Whether it be Greys Anatomy, Friends, The Office or Sex in the City, buy her the whole series. Then on Valentines day, set up a cute date at home and binge watch it with her!


3 ) Make her a mixtape



This is such an old fashion, cheesy idea but it is also so thoughtful! It can be just a Spotify playlist or even a CD. Add all of her favourite songs, your favourite songs together or songs that remind you of her. That way whenever shes driving in her car, she can pop on the mixtape and instantly she will be reminded of you.


4 ) Running shoes / Workout clothes



If your girlfriend is really into working out this is the perfect present for her!


5 ) Gift Card to her favourite store



Even my boyfriend will admit that sometimes its hard to shop for me! He would much rather give me a giftcard and let me buy whatever I want.


6 ) Ouai Products



Ouai is a beauty brand that has amazing hair products. Tend to one your girlfriend has heard of them. Trust me, it is the “Ouai” to go for Valentines day! 😉


7 ) Neon sign



You’re probably thinking that this is such a random gift idea because well, it is! But see that’s whats so great about it! Neon signs are so cool and can make any room go from boring to artistic. You’re thinking outside of the box and your girl will love that!


8 ) Film Camera



I am not talking about those typical fuji film cameras they sell at urban outfitters. I am talking about a REAL vintage film camera. Wherever you live, look up the nearest camera shop (not best buy or staples, an ACTUAL camera shop) and go there. They will most likely have a bunch of vintage cameras. This is such a cute idea because your lady will be able to capture all your sweet moments together and keep the printed photos as souvenirs.


9 ) A Day trip to the beach, snow or mountains



Some people are more into moments then materalistic things. If you and your sweetie don’t care much for presents, bring her on a day trip. If you live close to a beach, go get your tan on! If you live by mountains, take her on a hike! If you live near a snow town, spend the day snowboarding or skiing!


10) A “Comfort” set



I came up with this gift set called the “comfort” set. Buy your babe some oversized pillows, a comfy sweater, slippers, a blanket or candles! Anything that is perfect for a comfy night in with her watching netlfix!