10 Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

10 Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Written By: Katie Chaplin

Now that we’ve covered how to treat your boyfriend in my last article. Let’s talk about some gift ideas that you can get for him. In my opinion, I think men are quite practical and don’t normally like frivolous gifts. So if I were you, I would really take some time to think about what he likes, dislikes, what he needs and what he already has.


Here are some ideas to spark some inspiration!

1. The Armani His & Hers Cologne/Perfume

This would be such an adorable gift because you could get one for yourself the “Hers” perfume and then get him the “His” cologne and you guys would be matching 🙂


2. Leather Backpack



3. Pair of Sunglasses


4. Belt

Most likely it’s about time for them to get a new one!



5. Bluetooth Speaker

I think with this gift you could never go wrong.



6. Convenient Coffee Maker



7. Pocket Knife

I’m not sure if guys ever actually use it but they seem to like to just own them?? In case of emergency, I suppose…



8. Leather Journal

Especially perfect for those travelers and businessmen. Who couldn’t use a fancy notebook?



9. Make a Nice Card

If you write a nice card reminding him all of the things you like up him I am sure that would make him very happy. You could even include a ticket book of things you could do for him that he would like.


10. Jord Watches

This is one of my personal favorites, so I just had to include it in this article. They are handcrafted out of different kinds of wood. All of the watches have such a luxurious and unique look to them.

For Valentine’s Day, they are offering 10% off and free shipping. (This isn’t sponsored, I just really wanted to add because I love so much)